Strategic Plan of MCA

Corporates are increasingly becoming the mode of economic and commercial activity in India. The fact that the number of companies in India has increased tremendously.

To add to this fact that with the phenomenal economic growth that we have witnessed in the past few years, India has become a preferred destination for international investment. The Corporate Sector is fast emerging as a major contributor to the building of India's brand equity.

Bearing this in mind, there is a need for establishing a legal framework that would foster a positive environment for investment and growth while ensuring that the Indian Corporate sector is able to operate in an environment of globally competitive international practices. The laws prescribing this framework need to be compact and easy to interpret to enable regulatory institutions to respond quickly and effectively to meet requirements of the dynamic nature of today's business models and economic environments.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has to partner with all stakeholders for this purpose and has to increase its capability for catering to the emerging needs of the corporates for their regulation, growth and development.

Keeping these goals in mind, the MCA has put forth the following strategic plan.

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