eForm filling and Upload Process

• Download the fresh eForm (1, 5,44 & 67 as applicable)

• Fill the Form (refer to instruction kit) as advised in the instruction kit.

• There is a new section introduced in eForm 1, 5 and 44 to accept Stamp duty. Form1 Stamp duty also takes care of Stamp duty payable for MOA and AOA.

Screen of Form 1, 5, 44    (Click to view enlarge)
screen screen screen
Ministry of Corporate Affairs
Ministry of Corporate Affairs
Ministry of Corporate Affairs

• If you desires to pay the Stamp duty electronically (online through MCA21 system) then

◦ In the Section “ Particulars for payment of Stamp duty " click “Prefill”. It will display Stamp duty amount payable in the appropriate boxes/fields of the table in that section

◦ If the applicable Stamp duty is displayed as “0” (Zero). (This event of ‘0’ Zero Stamp duty may be possible under some specific condition and states) - Please select (Click) “Not Applicable” option.

◦ If the applicable Stamp duty displayed is a valid amount select the “Yes” option in the Form.

• If you want to pay e-Stamp duty physically (outside the MCA21 system) then,

◦ Select “No” in the in the Form field “Whether Stamp duty is to be paid Electronically through the MCA21 system”

◦ Fill in the details of “Stamp duty already Paid” in the relevant section of the form

Digitally Sign and upload the e-form. There is no change in upload process.

• While processing e-form 1, 5, 44 if ROC observed that Stamp duty paid is less than what is required the form will be put under PUCL and company will have a provision to pay additional Stamp duty through form67. A new section has been introduced in form67 to accept additional amount against original filing. To link Form67 field for additional duty, original SRN reference number will have to be mentioned in appropriate field of form67.